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  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply I also have an insomnia problem =.=' I will you give the best advice: Don't use your phone as your alarm. Just buy an alarm clock because your phone might die or if your phone is near you, you will just use your phone instead of trying to sleep and the blue light from the phone makes your brain not to sleep because it thinks it's day time. (however there is an option to turn off the blue light in your settings) Also if you use your alarm clock or phone as your alarm, place it FAR away from you! Not within arms distance. Sometimes i snooze my alarm and go back to sleep and don't remember that i snooze the alarm, but if you put it far away from you, you are forced to stand up and walk to switch it off ;) so yea, best advice. Use an alarm clock and don't place it near your bed.
    • Proto parent reply Yep! Definitely been doing that recently. I can't sleep most of the time though, it sucks!
  • skpacman reply A good trick to fall asleep I've been following that works for most, but not all: Get comfortable and in a position you won't snore (most likely on your stomach or side). Count in your head. Slowly and deliberately. Focus on each number individually as you count up. All the way to 100. Once you reach 100, focus on the number then slowly and deliberately count back down to 0. Do this back-and-forth until you fall asleep. I've gotten in the habit of doing this and I fall asleep before I get to the first 50.
  • skpacman reply i have 2 alarms. I sleep through both on a regular basis.
  • AmandaFood reply So gonna check out Rwby. That's good that she accepted your paper. Futurama loop video was pretty awesome! Little skits are always fun to watch.
  • [ – ] Ryew101 reply I have like 5 alarms to wake me up xD
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