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  • [ – ] aCasualSolo reply Damn nice! It can only get better from here! good luck!
  • [ – ] KaiserSpass reply really cool great work keep it up
  • KingsOfRamen reply Cant wait to see more animations in blender! Dude youre really good
  • [ – ] Xexor reply Good job; please don't do follow4follow, though. Followers should be based on the quality of content, not on a way to try to cheat the system.
    • [ – ] nolunt parent reply I just wanted to reach 50 followers to get verified:) Im not doing it any more
      • [ – ] Xexor parent reply Ah, no worries. I just saw the hashtag in the description.
        • [ – ] nolunt parent reply Thanks man:) Can i ask u a question?
          • [ – ] Xexor parent reply Sure. What's up?
            • [ – ] nolunt parent reply How many followers u had when u got verified? and how u got verified?
              • [ – ] Xexor parent reply Some time last month they tweaked the requirements for verification. I didn't need as many followers when I joined; it wasn't 50, but I don't remember how many now. I started uploading content regularly and also going to other videos, commenting and upvoting. After some time, I was verified. I liked your video, and I do agree that quality is more important than quantity generally, but to gain more followers you'll probably want more than 2 videos. I realize that making animations is very time-consuming, but I wouldn't expect a lot of followers before you have more content available. In my somewhat limited experience, I believe becoming a large channel on any platform *usually* requires patience. There are some exceptions where someone grows super quickly, but that's pretty rare.
                • nolunt parent reply I won't let u down haha:) I wish u the best of luck too.
                • [ – ] nolunt parent reply Thank you very much u've been very helpful I'm buying a new laptop because this one is very old and it can't handle rendering high quality animation. Thanks again i really appreciate it:)
                  • Xexor parent reply Ofc! I wish you the best of luck. I've followed you to help you out, and also in anticipation of what you might upload in the future. :)
              • nolunt parent reply And when?😹 I know these are more than one question
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