Eisbrecher Verrukct - Das Cabinett des Dr Caligaris

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  • Liauhl reply 'Dein hassliche Bruder, ein Schlag ins Gesicht'- 'your ugly brother, a slap in the face' - we see the shaows of Alan and a strange figure on the wall; Alan is pleading with them not to hurt him, but the other figure grabs him on 'Gesicht' - yes I know Alan isn't Francis' actual brother, but you know, when you use 'bro' to mean a close friend?
  • Liauhl reply 'Ich bin auf Bewahrung, nein, gut, bin ich nicht' - (I've seen two different translations for this one)-'I am on probation' (hence why I mashupped this with a shot of the Irrenanstalt, the insane asylum)... 'no, I'm really not'. I think this fits in with Caligari as Alan sees him in this part of the film, as he thinks Dr Caligari is a patient in the asylum, but with Caligari being the director there is little the other staff in the aslyum can do against him. OR 'I am on prbation, no, I am not good' - probably self-explanatory.
  • Liauhl reply Lyrics and German-to-English translation: Lyrics to 'Verrueckt' belong to Eisbrecher. This is for the educational purposes of learning German. (Songtext von 'Verrueckt' gehoeren zu dem Band Eisbrecher. Diese Ubersetzung wird nur fuer die Ausbildungszwecke des Deutschlernens eingestzt.) (German on the left, English on the right) 'Du sagst ich bin anders, ich sag du hast Recht' - you say I am different, I say you are right .... at the scene where Francis and Alan are observing Calgari with the strange-looking sleepwalker Cesare 'Du sagt dir geht's praechtig, das heisst dir geht's schlect' - Alan pretending to laugh at Cesare's prophechy that he will only live till dawn, but in reality is terrified. 'Ich bin unersattlich, kreig niemals genug - I am insatiable, never get enough' - Caligari looks around at the audience, asking them to continue questioning Cesare - even though they've just heard what he said to Alan! 'Fass in diene Wunden, und schure die Glut!' - Reach into your wound...mores, and fuel the fire - The people are still fascinated as Francis takes Alan away. But that dawn something comes into his room... (Switch of scene. Now in Dr Caligaris room, feeding the unconsious Cesare, who sleeps in a coffin) Es ist angerichtet, es ist mir ein Fest- Dinner is served, it's a pleasure to me. Ich lick deine Lippen, weil du mir schmekst - I lick your lips, because you taste good to me (Yes, this didn't work in the scene, however it could be a methapor of Caligari using Cesare for only Dr Caligari's purposes.) Oh, bin ich dir peinlich, mach ich dir Angst - Oh, am I embarrasing to you, do I make you afraid (Supposed to switch to Francis and the police here, sorry) Wer ist normal heir, und wer ist heir krank? - Who ist normal here, and who is insane? (The central question of this whole movie.) Chorus: Die Entscheidung ist gefallen, die Laedung in mir tickt - The desicion is made, the charge in me is ticking - (Caligari attempts to hide his evil acts from the police, and, pretending it's all OK, allows the two into his caravan-like house.) Nichts wird mehr wie frueher sein, - Nothing will be like it was before - Francis points to Cesare and tells Caligari to 'wake him up! - 'Wecken Sie ihn auf!', however Caligari refuses, pretending he cannot. Zum Gluck bin ich verruckt - it's lucky I'm insane - Caligari gives a sort of relieved smirk, gradually revealing his face to the audience behind his hat... He's up to something...
  • Liauhl reply Although I begin with the title and director of the 1919 film - Das Cabinett des Dr Caligari NEITHER THE ORIGINAL DIRECTOR NOR EISBRECEHR INTENDED THIS MASHUP TO BE OFFICIAL. I DO NOT OWN ANY PART OF EITHER OF THESE PROPERTIES .)
  • Liauhl reply Description: A mashup of the song Verruckt by Eisbrecher, combined with the 1919 silent film Das Cabinet des Dr Caligari. Enjoy!
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