Independence Day Review

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  • [ – ] slyofwar reply Yeah it's dumb but man is it entertaining ...still waiting on a proper review of the sequel Independence day Resurgence I mean I know you liked after you saw it in theaters but still
    • DeckerShado parent reply Oh, it's coming. Prepare for some doubling-down as to why I liked it, while at the same time bringing up some extra dumb parts I neglected to mention in the reaction/review.
  • StCerberusEngel reply People give this movie a hard time, but really, it's just B-movie grade dumb fun on a larger budget and scale, hence all the homages to alien invasion movies of eras gone by. Its the one Emmerich movie that deserves a lot more love.
  • GaryTurbo reply The best part is Will Smith (badass) and Jeff Goldblum (smart guy) in an epic teamup. The downside was that i never get to see Harvey Ferstein and Harry Connick Jr as the sidekicks.
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