Building the #VidMe Community [reupload 3]

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  • [ – ] JustABloke reply No complaints from me hehehe I like how small VidMe is. What you said is true, my family also didn't want to download the VidMe App just to watch my videos. I must say, since I installed a better GFX card, I can actually watch your psychedelic videos on my Linux desktop LoL Huge difference and awesome colours.
  • JadBk reply Hey @VybeyPantelonez I saw your comments everywhere and I wanted check out your channel lol! I'm a former user of YT and when I heard people complaining about censorship and demonetization I quit YT & Google solidarity with others and I'm searching for alternatives until I have found this site, seems good and more free and everyone here are upset people from Google like me lol worth it! <3
  • sowhat_vid_me reply I like vidme a lot. And youtube can go xxxx itself, honestly.
  • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez reply This is actually a bit old but the original would never play. Some of this has changed and this is not a response to styxhexenhammer.. he is 100% right and vidme would do well to listen to him. Im here because of him and dave cullen. The buffering is now better but the quality of my videos is now pretty bad. Im not going hassle vidme again though i think my videos got downscaled because i complained about buffering lol. Vidme staff <3... keep up the good work overall we will work everything out.
    • VybeyPantelonez parent reply Lol and also when i say "you cant change that"... definitely not referring to styx i think he actually can change the site because he's one of the best content creators on this site. Talking about creators like me haha
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