What Happened to Mass Effect Andromeda's Animation? - Extra Frames

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  • sequorrox reply Appreciate this point. I hadn't considered that there was a technical limitation(besides the engine itself) requiring a downrez of mocap. Does Witcher3 line up with this as well?
  • SilentxDeath reply Well when you hire people based on gender instead of skill this is going to happen.
  • BlunderingFool reply Good explanation! Pity Bioware's pre-launch scandal was fairly damming, not to mention their reputation now. Anyway, very thorough work and a great video, as always!
  • Qanno reply Nice video guys. Really, expectations are becoming extremely high. A few years ago, nobody would've cared about the uncanny valley. But not many people realize how hard tose things are. Even if we consider them as "acquired".
  • Eddiethehead21 reply So basically it's the same reason Obsidian makes buggy games. Tech and time.
  • Fighting_Zenith reply So, when are you going to discuss secondary motion and overlapping action?
  • 7rystan reply Very well done, well put together video!
  • namie reply Fascinating
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