Why gut feeling is rational

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  • ElisabethPhilosophy reply With gut feeling you could also say intuition.
  • RedPillTV reply Sometimes your gut feeling or intuition is affected by the way your subconscious interprets the other person's body language and tone of voice. Love your videos, hope to see more!
  • pili39 reply Very true. Lately I've been having thoughts that seem to come to me spontaneously rather than me consciously having them, eventually they come to pass in reality and when they do I get a really weird feeling of déjà vu.
  • TheNewAmericanMedia reply There have been enough studies done on "trusting your gut" that it makes sense to try it out for a while. Mel Robbins also promotes the 5 second rule that says to ponder an issue or question for 5 seconds and make a quick decision, and it usually works out well. #ParalysisThroughAnalysis is a problem that many people struggle with. Thanks for posting this video.
  • justwondering reply Your friend is right about ether. Without wanting to go into too much Detail here, this Field wie are Living in is visible under certain circumstances. The eleusinian mysteries were one way to provide that experience.
  • OdinnBjorn reply Hmm this made me reflect on decisions I've made on gut feeling. At the time I was unsure of my decision, but now I am overwhelmingly glad I followed my instinct. The subconscious is smarter than I gave it credit for. I like your accent, it is so scandinavian and clear it may actually be thicker than my own xD Takk kærlega fyrir þetta myndband. Kveđja frá Íslandi
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