I am lost...IN SPAAACE!! - [Adr1ft] 01

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  • jackthegamer reply Well this seemed so interesting but please dont buy the vr headset they arent really worth it for me
  • jackthegamer reply sure but at the same time, what will it add into the games aside more immersion ? not much for me, i do like the idea on paper but the whole thing just fall flat like motion control, why more immersion when i can just have my room in the dark and look at the screen...sorry if it ended up in a rant frost, its just i don,t see the real use for vr
  • BlackbirdFrost reply @jackthegamer With more and more companies making them now (Oculus, HTC, Sony, etc) prices are bound to come down...I hope. Competition is usually a big factor when it comes to price.
  • jackthegamer reply i actually don't own one but my friend james own one the samsung and he actually doesn't find them that impressive, he said it is immersive but its quickly going away when you try to look for everyone and forger what the hell is going on, essentially he liked the experience but doesn't really think it will go smoothly with that price range, he let me try it out and...i am with him, it look cool and immersive but it quickly spiral into where the fudge i have to see for the main stuff !
  • BlackbirdFrost reply @jackthegamer Which one do you have? I know there are a lack of VR games, but I feel like that's probably largely due to the price. Still there are a few games I've seen that look really cool, this one included.
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