Hannover main street after game cancel

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  • CamBrexler reply Hannover your explosives, terrorists!
  • SackOs reply You know you're in Europe when you hear that siren and aren't sure whether you're in danger or about to get a ChocoTaco
  • stevek reply I'm no Cop Siren Expert, but I feel like only the first and last cars need their sirens on, not all 400.
  • benbenk reply Context: http://abcnews.go.com/International/soccer-stadium-hannover-germany-evacuated-indications-explosive-materials/story?id=35259440
  • smileybridge reply I'm glad everyone's ok!! The only time I ever see that many cops together, either there's a funeral or about to be.
  • SambaSchutte reply As a Dutch fan, I'm bummed the game got cancelled. On the other hand these musical sirens sound like most dance clubs in Holland. Partaaay!
  • flippo reply I can only imagine what people in their cars are thinking happened seeing this parade of police cars go by
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