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  • Giovanni4 reply I love these crossovers with the Nerd
  • [ – ] Kephir_Baron reply Heres ANOTHER thing the movie got wrong. Seth isn't the god of death, ANUBIS is (At least, he's associated with death). Seth is the god of the desert, storms, disorder, violence, and foreigners. JUST ANOTHER THING TO ADD TO THE WRONG OF THIS MOVIE!
  • Kaiju_no_Kami reply I don't agree with everything you had to say about this movie, but you were pretty spot on. It was so damn busy trying to set up the sequels that it forgot to be its own movie. I feel like this was like the fifth movie in a franchise, not its first. Not only that, but the actress who played The Mummy showed that she can not act in the slightest (as she also proved in Atomic Blonde). While I wouldn't say this movie is one of the year's worst (there has been a lot worse out this year), it is still pretty bad. I did like the ending, but there is a major issue. SET IS NOT THE GOD OF DEATH!!! That is Anubis! How the hell could they make a movie based on Ancient Egypt and not even get their facts straight? I totally agree that the best Mummy movie is still the original 1932 version. In fact, it is one of my favorite horror movies of all time.
  • Epica reply Love Both avgn and nostalgia critic.
  • GameSam reply Board up your homes and lock your doors, dragon ball evolution is coming.
  • HeronLikesStuff reply NO, BILL! WHYYY- oh. That was mean.
  • RoboLynx reply The way to recreate the Universal monster movies is to go back to the roots. Don't action it up, make it a period piece. Set The Mummy in the 1920s, set Frankenstein in the 1800s, etc.
  • FatBatCat5 reply No joke, that Bill tombstone was way scarier than anything in the movie. Which was so not cool! πŸ™€
  • Aidan_Nickelo reply I just started on Vidme and found out the some of my favourite YouTubers are on Vidme too.
  • [ – ] tdiazmillan663 reply Next week, another movie The Blockbuster Buster already took care of.
  • tdiazmillan663 reply Also in November, please do The Pink Panther (2006).
  • tdiazmillan663 reply And next October, a mini-review of Tim Burton's Frankenweenie.
  • BrandonCroker reply This was quite fun to watch. Long live the Nerd, btw!
  • theericosborne reply love the crossovers but how many more times is this movie gonna be remade
  • blazedu reply This is like a guy that brought a girl to his bedroom and when she sat in his bed, he came. Now the girl is leaving and that potential relationship is gone. It will be very difficult to bring her back and it's gonna take a lot of effort to do so.
  • Nightyoshi reply NEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! Always love when these two come together.
  • [ – ] DragonSkunk reply That pissing scene was really offensive and disgusting.
  • CrazySeanDX reply Next week/two weeks from now is gonna be fun.
  • GojiBroDavidson reply Well, they are Camel Spiders, those bastards have a nasty(albeit non-venomous) bite.
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