Black Holes, Energy and Hawking Radiation

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  • [ – ] ScepticalSans reply Thanks for answering! I was curious about this because I remember hearing about scifi ideas of black holes as fuel so I wanted to know if it was even that viable for us.
    • [ – ] wearegods parent reply It's not viable right this very moment for obvious reasons. It would take roughly 50 years if we started right now to make a partial dyson swarm needed to be able to make the miniature black holes for batteries/energy.
      • [ – ] ScepticalSans parent reply when it is made possible would black hole batteries be useful for common electronics like phones and electric cars or would it need to be reserved for large spacecraft and generators?
        • [ – ] wearegods parent reply They can be utilized for many purposes including but not limited to cell phones, implants, electric vehicles, powering homes, etc. Anything you can use a battery or generator with or anything that would normally require electrical or combustible fuel to power it can be replaced with the kugelblitz.
          • ScepticalSans parent reply That sounds great! is it possible to make one using normal matter to start with like osmium or lead or would that still require ridiculous amounts of power?
  • QuazzVids reply I just watched a video on primordial black holes. If I remember correctly then all of them have evaporated by now due to the lack of abundant high energy protons or something. I don't know the mass of a primordial black hole but they are very small. Probably much smaller than 1 solar mass given that they've all evaporated by now lol
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