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Chemtrails and Planet X

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  • marycozzens Ginny here.......... since some folks don't know my actual name, thanks for replies everyone. I have a 'rule of thumb' for anything having MULTIPLE explanations/stories from 'authorities', the truth needs only one explanation. Anything else just proves somebody is trying to hoodwink us. Thanks for the vid Jewel, I do remember your recent one with 'electrical' images, I suspect it is either because they are masking what we can see, or; maybe the two suns are so close in proximity to one another they toss out more plasma? Speculations here.
  • 1DocHolliday Maybe its Jupitor! Just guessing.
  • j7409skynews Hi Ginny thanks for watching.... You i am thinking about trying to make a graph explaining why plasma as well as other things are coming in our atomsphere and how we haven't been in this area of space for years and this is why they are spraying. I just wish they would have one answer and tell us what it is. Peace and Love..J
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