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  • [ – ] Hoshi-Hana reply I love the sassiness of MJ!! The expressions and high-pitched voice! Aaaaw! *huuuuuuugs* The drawing you did of me is soooooo gorgeous! I adore it so much ♥3♥ and wonderful presentation of #vidmeart :D I'll hurry to make the banner! *throws confetti* yay for better internet! That's super awesome. Look forward to see you on Twitch!
    • [ – ] J_Ellen parent reply I'm so happy you enjoyed it! <3 And I hope you don't mind, the illustration I did for you will also be a speedpaint video as well :3 Also DON'T RUSH YOURSELF. You take as much time as you need :3 I KNOW! *Embraces confetti* I am so happy I've been counting the days when it happens. Which is very soon!
      • [ – ] Hoshi-Hana parent reply I really did! <333 Seriously *super exciting* Wow! I don't think I've ever seen a speedpaint video with a drawing of me ;___; You're so sweet!! Ikr :) there's just not much left to do on it and I'd like to present it in my next video *3* Makes it more perfect when I make the announcement in the end of it. That's understandable! ihh! My new mic is btw at the post office! So excited to pick it up tomorrow :DD It's nice with proper things which works :D
        • [ – ] J_Ellen parent reply Naw! Well hopefully you enjoy it! Should be up Friday (AEST) Oo! The video will be super awesome, Can't wait :D Also how exciting for new equipment! Upgrading is always fun! It's like christmas but better aha xD
          • Hoshi-Hana parent reply Ofc I will!❤️❤️ I may be at my parents Friday, but then I'll just watch it with my mum :DD I'm gonna do a try at least :3 It is super exciting! It's my first real mic if you don't count headsets, cellphones and webcams. hehe. Waay better than Christmas bc then you're certain it's something you wanted and needed :D hehe
  • c_arnold03 reply The da group looks interesting. You should reach out to @Mistiqarts, she has a da gallery and she's here on @vidme.
  • [ – ] Sogen reply Actually, it's megabits. Not trying to be overly corrective, but I come from a tech background and that mistake could really screw things up. 8 bits = 1 byte 8b = 1B If it's a bit, it uses lowercase letters. So you had .88 megabits per second: .88mbps. .88 megabytes per second would be written as: .88MBps.
    • J_Ellen parent reply Thank you! I thought I said megabits but it does sound like I did say megabytes instead. #HowEmbarrassing I should have paid more attention to that as well since my partner use to work in the tech industry as well. Thank you for addressing this to me :)
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