Global Warming the new and expensive religion that you have to believe in

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  • freerangehobo reply In the early 1960s, I remember a stretch of days where the temperature hovered between 103 to 105 degrees. No one questioned the reason for the heat, that summer in Kansas. There have been incredibly hot summers all over, Texas being one of the hottest states I ever visited. History shows the dust bowl era of the 1930s being devastating with extreme heat and endless drought, mostly man made , not by carbon emissions, but rather by deforestation. Roosevelts tree planting initiative brought an end to the problem and things quickly returned to normal. I haven't experienced anything near the heatwaves of the 1960s, ever again in the mid west, but I have been quite happy with the number of cool and refreshing summers of the past several years. Conversely, winters in my past experiences, have been very cold with record snowfalls. That too has calmed down In the past decade. I don't need science to tell me what the weather is going to be. I enjoy all the Changes and am quite capable o...moref surviving in extreme weather or tamed.
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