Street Fighter II (SNES): Maiden Flight of the...Oh For @#%!' s Sake

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  • [ – ] captbrogers reply I remember Bison feeling impossible to beat because of his timings.
    • [ – ] RetroRevelations parent reply It often feels random. There was rounds when you can beat his ass with relative ease. And the very next round, he can turn around and just own you. Though I did not remember having nearly that much trouble beating him in my teens. lol
      • captbrogers parent reply I was plagued by him jumping off my head, back-flipping down to slap me, then doing his forward slide kick. There was now escape from it.
  • [ – ] DarkWingPsyduck reply The first SF I played, I think it was SF 2 Turbo. I was a kid at the time and I only knew how to do the slap with E Honda hahaha
  • [ – ] DarkWingPsyduck reply Wait, wasn't Vega named Balrog in Japan? I don't know, I could be wrong. M Bison was Vega, Balrog was M Bison and Vega was Balrog...I think...
    • RetroRevelations parent reply No, you're correct! Did I say different? I can't remember lol The only one who had his same name was Sagat, as he was already from Street Fighter 1. Thanks for watching!
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