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  • [ – ] Torok0420 reply I Hope That They Say " He Never Quit Trying " And That He Was Honest ..... He Was Trusted ..... And He Kept His Word .......
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply I find it fascinating that you can walk and think and talk, dispensing your wisdom in a single take without running into anything. Truly amazing! I don't think I'll be much remembered when I leave. No movies were made about me. No books written to tell my story. I leave behind no children. My contributions to others have been small. Little encouragements only, really. I guess that will have to do. What I didn't do is torture, enslave or kill my fellow humans or the animals that walk this Earth (except bugs, I killed those). I didn't lie, cheat and steal my way through life, either. I didn't use my power to hurt others. I wasn't perfect, but I tried to help. And I tried to do no harm. So there was some good, and not too much bad. Thanks for giving me something to think about!
    • [ – ] WooFit parent reply walking or even driving really helps me think more clearer! thank you for watching this and being challenged by it!! man oh man!!! reading your comment really puts things into prospective for me.... wow! ps. Big question!!! Are you vegan by chance?
      • Flying_Purple_Pizzas parent reply I do not eat meat. I did for most of my life because I did not know any better. I am getting healthier and the vibration of dead animal is not a help to my body's vibration. Not to mention all of the toxins put into animals raised to be food for humanity. That's the long answer, by the way.
  • [ – ] AxxL_Afriku reply when i die there will be a new ugliest man alive
  • [ – ] OnlyUltimate reply I'm not going to worry about money and possessions because you can't take it to the grave. This video got me thinking!
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