The Problem with 4Chan

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  • theMagdalenRose reply As I was once pathetic weaboo myself, I can say for a fact that no- not all of channers are boys. I'd wager it's a sold 80/20 split. But it's apparent that the vast majority of channers who turn toxic and begin to abuse others are male.
  • ChrisPotato reply half of 4chan is a bunch of trolling pervs and the other half is a bunch of pathetic weabos. Which is why it is hilarius in my opnion Also why are you assuming it's only boys that are like that? I doubt that not meeting the standard of soceity turns someone violent, being rejected does... Why do people go to 4chan? Either for the lolz or because they have nowhere else to go nothing else to do. Most people need help in one way or another so why is there a problem with 4chan? Just a bunch of trolling edgelords...
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