Why the ACLU is Defending Neo Nazis

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  • tvebakk reply my god this is painfull to watch.... im sorry, but you are just plain uninformed
  • [ – ] SponsoredByMark reply I do believe Trump made a point of condemning "hate on both sides" in response to the events in Charlottesville, but you're absolutely correct about everything else. It's certainly important to protect everyone's right to speech, regardless of what anyone thinks of them, as it goes a long way in maintaining the liberties that this country was founded upon. I also like that you did yer research on the ACLU, & how their history applies to said recent events. All things considered, great video! :)
    • [ – ] theMagdalenRose parent reply It's a problem of scale. People who want to remain in the middle are refusing to admit that Antifa is a very small group that pales in comparison to the scope and violence inflicted by white supremacist groups in the US. They are a reaction, albeit not the best thought out reaction, to the literally hundreds of white supremacy groups. When Trump condemns "hate on both sides" he's only helping to push the narrative that the reaction to these hate groups is just as bad as the hate groups themselves. That message is politically expedient for him as his voter base is full of white supremacists. A writer for the Daily Stormer went out of their way to thank Trump for that statement because it helped legitimize them in a way no president ever would. That's why people are mad.
  • iJimUK reply Very well put across and easy for someone, like me who is not well informed on American politics. Thank you for laying out what the ACLU is doing and why.
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