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  • SonicMcPatriotic reply I never drew a conclusion in the video on which spirits they were or if some of the people were just crazy. I did not determine if individuals in the video were under the influence of the Holy Spirit or demons. because it is a dangerous thing to do so. My point in this video is not to trust everything at face value. Just because something claims to be of God does not mean it is. I am not a perfect Christian by no means. I am not claiming to be. Everyone in this world has personality defects, Mine is having a sense of humor sometimes, that God does not appreciate. LOL If I ever hurt your feelings joking around, I don't mean to. Just let me know, and I will apologize and give you a hug. :)
  • [ – ] Anonymous_Gamer reply Defiantly Satan inspired or possession. Almost like they want to get the word out but Satan is trying to stop them.
    • SonicMcPatriotic parent reply Andrew Strom, wrote a book, The Kundalini Warning, and a video of the same name. He claims the Kundalini Spirit came into the US in 1994. (I think from India), but evangelists, called it the Toronto awakening, and that is where this got started. I cannot say 100% if these are demonic. The other side of the debate on this makes good points too. https://holyspiritactivism.com/2013/06/10/the-kundalini-myth/ I wrestled w/ whether to post this video or not, because it is dangerous to say that the Holy Spirit is demonic. It is blasphemy and the one unforgivable sin that I know of. I find this an interesting topic though. I have felt the Holy Spirit before. It didn't make me act like that. I felts joyous and couldn't stay still I wanted to pace and pray. I was not in public. and I felt very grateful to Jesus for everything he has done and keeps doing. I am taking a break from making videos so I uploaded this older one.
  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply I have a lot of opinions on this but I won't leave you a whole book long comment lol I'll just say this was a very informative video :) thanks for sharing
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