My Thoughts On #Charlottesville And Sam Harris' Tweet

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  • [ – ] alfbenny reply YT took this video down for hate speech. glad to see it can still be watched on here.
  • [ – ] Tyrrell reply I'm liking this - hopefully they don't ban you for wrong think.
    • NoirKamui parent reply I didn't even click it on youtube, saw it here, saved it for later to watch with dinner, vuola. YouTube can suck my dick and filter whatever they want. I just hope Devon doesn't get tired of posting here while he doesn't have as many followers here.
  • dice_of_fate reply Seriously, fuck YT.
  • Gunsalad reply A fantastic video. Well said, Devon.
  • frbe0101 reply Jesus, you nail the malaise of the millennials, a sickness of lack of propose, they NEED nazis so their existence can have meaning. And clearly there are people willing to become nazis to have have propose.
  • memobily reply Brilliant. Thank you.
  • AlexM209 reply I'm not white, but I'm now supportive of their message.
  • cccccccccccoccc reply They ARE being replaced! The UN has a "replacement migration" program and what do you think the destruction of monuments is about? Replaced and erased.
  • Caz_Gerald reply Holy fuck, you of all people jumping on the bandwagon that Fields drove his car into a group of people? Have you seen all the videos? Have you noticed that he rammed into a car and not the dozens of people sandwiched up against the buildings on either side of him? If he wanted to deliberately kill people there were some easy pickin's, but he went completely straight without veering left or right which is where all the people were. Did you also notice that the ANTI protestors were blocking the cars in front of him? Did you also notice that his car was swatted by baseball bat wielding ANTI protesters before the and especially after the collision? It's easy to fucking hate on Fields, and I won't say that he's an innocent fuck, but ram his car into a group of people he did not do.
  • R_POW reply expand (possible spam) Fuck the cunts at YouTube!!
  • SlyAJ02 reply Well hopefully Devon can upload all his old videos to a repository channel on ALL videos he makes are pure gold.
  • Proslice56 reply Fuck YouTube, hard up the ass.
  • shalyn_bristow reply Great Vid. Sam's tweet made my heart sink. It is hate speech because you are white. Fuck off YouTube. Glad I found
  • STANKwild reply I might be the only spic with white pride.
  • bburnell reply The Nazi/ Klan element of this 'rally' was damaging. We need to take a page from the European Identitarian movement. New symbol no Nazi/ Klan symbolism. We need to purge any identification with past failed racist movements and start anew.
  • sugarcain reply YouTube is such a two bit bitch. Taking this video down for hate? I can't help but feel frustrated for you when they pull this shit. Algorithms Shmalgorithms. Either YouTube hates you, or Sam Harris was triggered. Gonna go with both.
  • cgill75 reply expand (possible spam) Pound those fucking wannabe Nazi's into the dirt! They deserve it.
  • [ – ] AerialSoulutions reply Trump was elected because Hillary was that much worse. Otherwise you got it right. Too bad about Sam.
    • [ – ] cccccccccccoccc parent reply Anti-white sentiment lead people who voted for Obama to vote for Trump. Hillary was wore because she wasn't anti-anti-white.
      • Caz_Gerald parent reply It's a lot more than that. Clinton didn't have a coherent message other than "if you don't vote for me you're sexist, racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, and deplorable just like Trump." Consider this, she was campaigning on Obama's coattails and managed to lose to The Donald. How deplorable is that?
  • jujinz reply ..regressive
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