Terri Talks: Trying to make Artist FRANDS

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  • Hoshi-Hana reply Really great discussion and some amazing essential advice which will ensure to get artist friends overall! ❤️❤️ I wanna welcome you to Vidme! I hope you'll have a great time here. ❤️ I really like your style :D You look cute as a Little Witch Academia character :D
  • [ – ] Heatherlands reply My mom is really good at art and used to partner in a framing business. She told me artists generally don't like each other. I've approached one that was doing a picture at his kiosk and wanted to know how he was able to get successful enough. He asked me what kinds of training and courses I took, what mediums I've used. So, I told him. Then he said it wasn't good enough. I've been doing art all my life and it was my major in school, fine arts and graphic design. I think other artists feel threatened by other artists. It takes a certain artist to pull down the walls, put their ego aside and just be kind. You seem like a very nice person, you remind me of me, in a way. lol
    • Hoshi-Hana parent reply I'm sorry to hear that you have experienced that :( I think it's a really sad tendency among certain artists which thrive amazingly. :( It's really such a pity bc I think we as artists can learn so much more from each other and grow together❤️ We get much more from helping each other out - also with potential commission assignments suiting a specific artist style - than feel threatened by other artists and see them as rivals.
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