Chris Pawley, who survived Manchester & Barcelona terror +Feel it in your bones!

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  • ninesixnine reply @12:25 Black ribbon symbolizing Saturn. Spot on as always Zach. If people can't do basic math and understand 26 numbers in the alphabet for the base 4 ciphers.....
  • 83better1 reply Made me think of this : Paulie Movie-talking blue-crowned conure named Paulie, and his long quest to return to his owner.
  • HardToBelieveIK reply yeah. i'll never forget "Mason" Wells (mason). Now "Chris" (Christ mocking?) Pawley. Sure. and of course. no real blood or dead anywhere as usual. no live CCTV hq footage ever, not even from a passing-by person with just a cellphone ... what are the odds.....
  • ncoloradofly reply Awaken to the Truth
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