Snapchat Exposes Secret Societies?

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  • MaitreMarkScully reply your reading upside down reminds me that once I was pulled over by police whilst interstate. In Australia, at that time, each state had different car registration stickers to put on your car window. A police woman asked me when my car rego ran out and I read the date to her from inside the car (the sticker is backwards inside and right way from outside), she looked puzzled and said 'how did you read that, it is backwards?' I said 'I can read backwards', she said 'impossible', and radioed for backup! Backup arrived, heard her story and told me to go before asking me anything at all.
  • maxelmilliam reply Thanks for sharing! I never catches this on my Snapchat.
  • WildBuffalo reply I have to share this with you too. It's the same website where the child abuse video¬†from John has been located A picture of what looks like a child from the worldcorpo website, with the skull smashed in Found these links from twitter and, it's where the video is located involving John tormenting a child (fatherhood). There are more sick videos. I haven't looked at them all. There's a video titled midlife, it's a song about a midlife crisis with a video showing child abduction and the lyrics at 1:47 say this as I am currently playing it. "shady websites make my dick go up like the climate, watching these kids struggle for help is priceless
  • Supernatural_Sightings reply Just wanted to say I started r/supernaturalsightings on Reddit if you want to check it out. It's another place for us vidizens to post links and also share about supernatural, paranormal, illuminati, stuff like that. I have a beauty channel mostly but I am also interested in these topics as well. I never noticed this on my snapchat but I don't look at stories much.
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