TV Trash: 220 - The Wacky World Of Tex Avery

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  • Fighting_Zenith reply The fact that people on Newgrounds can do Tex Avery's trademarks better than DiC, Cinar/Cookie Jar, and DHX says something about many professional studios, doesn't it? As a fan of Avery, Clampett, Jones, etc., it just makes this all the more tragic. So much so that we ought to apologize to both Earthworm Jim and Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. I can see why the animators hated both the latter show and this, and yet can see Scott McNeill working in a wacky cartoon if it had been led by someone like John K. Tex Avery deserves better. (Much better, I might add.) By the way, I think you should review some of Bob Clampett's cartoons when you get the chance.
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