Board Games #ForTheKids | Table Top Day 2017

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  • [ – ] TheCynicalCypher reply You know whats funny is that despite seeing all those cool looking board games, the thing that caught my attention the most was "epic sessions of Connect Four". I've only ever played a few other board games before, but man, sometimes you just can't beat the basics! #FORTHEKIIIIIIIIIIIDS.
    • EpicJC parent reply FOR. DA. KEEDZ!!!! And Connect 4 is awesome, although sadly broken (There's a guaranteed way to win each time. Don't look it up!!).
  • [ – ] TruePrinceOfPro reply I've never seen an event like this before. It's so cool to see all these people gather around enjoying board games and having fun
    • EpicJC parent reply Yeah, man! We're planning to go back to that place soon and just play games for a couple of hours. The cool thing is having random people join you in sessions.
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