Yooka Laylee - 02 | Rolling with It

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  • [ – ] Dreyson reply Back to the basics of platformers I see
  • [ – ] IrrelevantHero reply "Maybe you won't feel hungry if you stop pushing your finger tentacle thingy down your throat". LOL. Chewing loudly is one of my biggest pet peeves... Can't wait to see more of the game, I hear so much good and bad about Yooka-Laylee. Looking forward to the next one Kin :-D
    • KinTailFox parent reply Its a pleasure playing it! What I was aiming for was to showcase it a little so people can decide from themselves if they want to play it other not 😄
  • [ – ] Rawman reply Man I really wanna get this game but I'm too poor. I think maybe it's time to open up that tip jar haha. SONAR SHOT YESSSSSSS!!!! You read secrets and was like that is the one! I would have went to body slam. "You can't even dress your self properly" haha got emmm!!! I heard about the roll being weird to control. Hopefully it's not too bad. It's dangerous to go alone so that's why you got yooka and laylee....ha!
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply Game looks quite fun but I'd be like you where at some point I'd get sick of reading. Like I mentioned before the weird voices and text boxes are something I don't think needed to be kept even if its for nostalgia reasons.
    • KinTailFox parent reply The fact that it's super stifled and makes me sound like a 5 year old reading doesn't help either. I like the game as it is and I just hope everyone understands that I won't be reading this very well.
  • [ – ] Tiddliwinks reply Meow! Im a bat!
  • MarzieMalfoy reply Damn them combustible mics! "Heart of my bottom" that takes me back, speaking of nostalgia :) That is a freakin creepy giggle. Yeah, I can't stand loud chewing either. It's a lot of reading so I don't blame you for not feeling like reading all of that lol Vendi is some real nightmare fuel haha!
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