Why I haven't posted in a while!!! - Cloeena | 01

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  • [ – ] 1998473 reply I have really bad depression and watching your videos has helped me so thank You, it means a lot.
    • CLOEENA parent reply This comment means so much.. has I went thorough so much depression two.. I got through with great people around me so I'm happy that you watching my videos has help you 😊
  • [ – ] 1998473 reply You're lovely, you deserve to be happy, keep smiling:)
  • [ – ] D3TH_Studios reply I know breakups are sometimes difficult, but you are young and pretty, and will find someone better... Be picky! :)
    • CLOEENA parent reply I'm happy being single for now... I'm deffo going to be picky when I'm ready to date again I was in a 4 year relationship so not dating for a while.. and I find it hard to trust
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