Is The Sandlot Racist?! (Response Video)

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  • [ – ] Aaronshy reply Why would anyone think it's racist?!
    • [ – ] IndieTimmie parent reply I guess the guy from cracked thinks it is.
      • [ – ] Aaronshy parent reply But it isn't. If anything it's the exact opposite of racist.
        • [ – ] IndieTimmie parent reply I know, it's a childhood classic for me, but you know how people can be today. Anything can be racist or sexist to them.
          • [ – ] Aaronshy parent reply Well it is what happened to Jontron after all.
            • [ – ] IndieTimmie parent reply Yep, and despite everything I never stopped being a fan.
              • [ – ] Aaronshy parent reply I still am a fan of Jontrons and it's unfortunate he lost his job voiceacting for that one game and lost so many fans who bought into the lie. The same thing goes for The Sandlot it's unfortunate it's called racist and people could buy into that.
                • [ – ] IndieTimmie parent reply There are tons of people who want to make a mod of the game just to put his voice back into it, I'll definitely buy it. But oh well, still love his content, and always will. Same goes for the sandlot.
                  • [ – ] Aaronshy parent reply Yep. Jontron shoulda come to Vidme. He would've been loved here. I mean creative funny exciting.....that's everything we look for. I'm still a fan of Pewdiepie too but only cause he legit apologized for his awful joke and hasn't done anything like it afterwards. What Pewds did was bad but he's realized that. He is a good guy deep down and tried to help people with vids against hate many times and I have faith that like Jontron, Pewds never lost himself. Even if he bleached his hair white to look like his music idols. LOL.
                    • [ – ] IndieTimmie parent reply I have jewish friends who thought his joke was hilarious, true in today's age anything and everything can be offensive if they try hard enough, but still, if you look at it the right way. It was funny.
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