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  • WhiteWolf2412 reply For me nature is divine , and Gods and Goddesses, despite being real entities have their correspondences and home in nature. Which is why our ancestors went to forests, at riverbanks, and under trees to worship and commune with Deities and land spirits. Depending on tradition sometimes land spirits were also Deities, and sometimes not. Sacred is everywhere..... without and within...
  • [ – ] KEM_67 reply We as human beings are a part of this magnificent planet with this magnificent nature and every single atom on this planet in this universe where we have chosen to be at this moment is in every way connected., and the realization that one is merely a collection of atoms on this planet that rotates at nearly 1,000 miles per hour and travels through the universe by almost 67,000 miles per hour like all other collections of atoms. To label and give a name to the meaning of these collections of atoms and be entertained by the idea that every thing has to be explained to find that meaning of life and collections of atoms is our way to communicate easily about the greatness of the universe, the planet, nature and us. The idea of that meaning may not have the same meaning for other collections of atoms and one can entertain each other's atoms by discussing the opinions about the meaning of life or other collections of atoms while drinking, eating, reproducing other sets of atoms that al...moreso are on this journey through the universe. You're and I'm everybody, anybody and nobody. You're and I'm everything, anything and nothing. The universe is the biggest playground, and i like to play in every way, i hope other collections of atoms do too.
  • [ – ] DarkQuark reply Nature is a gift from God. It was given to us out of love. And like any gift we should be good stewards of it and use it properly.
    • [ – ] Thornack parent reply well , I see it in an different way, all the god's where created and give power and life in and out of us, because of the love of nature and life. there is no one real god, cause nature is really universal, and at the same time, there is only one mighty one called nature :)
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