2017: The Best Year For JRPGs Ever?

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  • [ – ] Ifristhehellhound reply Square Enix is also putting out the Blood Storm expansion for FFXIV that is said to be out in the summer. If they are going to be doing the 'ffxiv with three month subscription in the collector's edition' thing then they may be trying to pushing for people to get the expansion as well.
    • Skipx parent reply Thanks for letting me know, I do play FFXIV every once in a while so I might make a separate video talking about the expansion.
  • [ – ] Firestar9114 reply wish I could upvote this more than once, love this list, TY so much for pointing out some of these games. I'm not the most connected and I've had trouble finding good rpgs and these all look really awesome. thanks for bringing some to my attention. It might take me a while, but I plan to at least try every franchise on this list. :) btw, KH 2 is also my favorite game(though ffvii is a close second), great taste man.
  • [ – ] Slodenz reply Cool video
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