Do You Have Free Will?

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  • [ – ] Huktoz reply I was going to comment something profound but now my mind hurts. uhg...
  • [ – ] Betelcrux reply That's a veeery deep subject, but I think we can surely be suggested to make certain decisions. We are programed daily by ourselves, I mean, we basically are our memories and we make decisions based on past events. So, I think maybe we have free will, but we are likely to take most decisions according to our experiences. With that said, it's possible to predict people's actions if you have enough data, but the problem with this is that: would this still be considered "free will"? Well, I have no fcking idea, it's late, I shouldn't be awake and this comment is probably too long. I'll just drink some yogurt and sleep. Bye. BTW, nice video! :)
    • iiMitor parent reply Lawl... I do agree with you. The power of suggestion is a very real thing, just look at hypnotism for example... So, yea, I do think that although the decisions we make are ultimately ours to make, it is all too possible to influence said decisions.... and that's arguable as to whether that is still free will or not..... Oooh, yogurt sounds bomb right now, lol. Thanks
    • [ – ] KDogBDog parent reply Huh....that was exactly what I was thinking actually XD
  • [ – ] Zimbo_Gamer reply My free will made me comment.
  • noobshavi reply I will say its a yes and a no, because yes we make decisions in our life that are not forced on us, the modern society is basically a proof where everyone does totally different things and actions from what our previous ancestors did and no because we have factors that determine our actions and freedom of will, like the rules of the society, parents upbringing, and basically society in general. Its two way circle. My head hurts already
  • [ – ] newjess reply Really interesting topic. What about when the doctor hits your knee with the little hammer and your leg kicks out? Could reflexes be an argument for determinism? Or the fact that I can choose to eat cilantro, but I can't choose to like it? That's kind of like the brain tumor thing. We can't control the inner workings of our bodies, so maybe we don't have free will after all, it's all just chemicals. ~Food for thought~
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply This is an argument that goes way back. I remember studying it in philosophy class in college. I didn't like the concept of determinism and I couldn't understand how anyone could believe in it. I've grown since then. What if the answer is a blend of the two? What if you start with free will and then you add this world into the mix with all of it's seductions. Your body wants things. It wants food, drink, air, sex, light and various other things, depending. Does that influence what the person in the body chooses? Of course. For instance, you may freely choose to hold your breath but your body has other ideas. You may choose to run twenty miles, but your body may disagree and give you a heart attack. Then what of the traumas suffered along the way? You burn yourself, are you then likely to choose to be around fire as much? You eat something bad, are you as likely to eat it again? A plane crashes, are you as likely to travel by air? And a thousand other such examples. You still have free...more will to do those things, but will you use it to do so? Can your will be manipulated by others? Has it ever been? Is your will free if it's manipulated? Are there levels of freedom? Can our brains, which are like biological machines, be programmed? If our brains are programmed, are we still choosing freely? Nice discussion and great video!
    • iiMitor parent reply hm... those are all great points. I think it kinda ties into the nature vs nurture debate too... Assuming our actions can be shaped and attributed to the experiences we've had in life, the concept of determinism would start to rear it's head up... But at the same time there is the aspect of will.... a strong willed person can force themselves to do something that their body or mind does not want them to do, which then brings up free will too.... So, yea, I can kinda see it being like a combination of bother...
  • [ – ] opaxel1967 reply shall I watch your video ? or play a racing game on the xbox ? or make another video ? or read a book ? or or or .... its my own choice whatever I do next ... these are the easy choices ... other choices made will be influenced by past life experiences , upbringing , teachers , parents and many others .. if I thought that I am just a puppet on a string , well, .. I would think about how to cut that string .. and fast !!!
    • [ – ] iiMitor parent reply True... I find it fascinating that humans are so revolted by the idea that our thoughts are not made by choice... If you tell someone that they may not have a free will, the response you'll usually get is well that's a scary thought.... I wonder why we're so opposed to the idea that our destiny may not be ours to choose... I can't really answer the question, I just know that I agree with you. If I were to find out I was under the control of someone, like a puppet, my first response would be to try and release myself...
      • [ – ] opaxel1967 parent reply if release is meant as topping yourself then thats sad .. other than that its the same as cutting the string , right ?
        • [ – ] iiMitor parent reply Oh, yes for sure.... killing myself wouldn't really solve anything. Even if I won't be able to cut the puppet strings, I won't end my life cause I've made it through life so far without realizing that I was under someone's control, and I'm doing find so far (I think)... So, I'd just assume everything would continue as it was before, with the exception of me knowing the actual truth now. I guess an added bonus would be that I would now no longer blame myself if I were to fuck up on some life choices... lol
  • [ – ] KDogBDog reply Well done!
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