With Open Gates: The Forced Collective Suicide of European Nations

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  • [ – ] girlreadingbooks reply Acting like animals. Savages. Heart-wrenching. US Special Ops needs to start handing out guns to normal civilians to protect themselves. Not even women and children crossing borders, FIGHTING AGE MEN who want to see Western civilization fall.
    • [ – ] RedPillTV parent reply US is lucky, they are on the other side of the planet, savages can come only by plane. Here in Europe and specially here in Greece we are fucked. Our islands are just a few miles from Turkey, they can come with small boats. In 2015 over one Million savages came and then they spread throughout Europe. 60.000 stayed here. But on Turkey's coast are more than 3.000.000 waiting to come. And our north borders are sealed now. So if they come they will stay here, they will fuck us and they will kill us. Although we are member of NATO and EU noone is helping us. And if our coast guard shoots at the invaders then the whole SJW planet will scream at us "racist nazi greeks". At the same time the economic crisis has hit us so hard that 15% of patients in the hospitals get sicker from catching viruses within the dirty hospitals. But on the other hand we deserve it. Because we the only party that is against this shit is a small Nazi party. All the other parties, the 95%, are socialists and communists...more who want to promote multiculturalism and recently voted to build more mosques in Athens. So what can we do? Vote for the Nazis? We are fucked, soon we are going to be in much worse state than Venezuela. The only positive thing is that muslims haven't done any terrorist attacks here because they want to use as passage to Europe.
      • girlreadingbooks parent reply I am so sorry to hear this, my heart aches for all who suffer. While I want for everyone to "get along" we should protect our individual cultures. How is it going to help "refugees" with their struggles if they cannot do so on their own soil? As someone who has tried to run from my own problems before (we all have in some way before), it never works. Social problems are problems of the heart. I can only pray, or whatever the universe's equivalent is, that the men and women of your country ORGANIZE, DEFEND and OFFEND until every last breath. Do what you can. Encourage others to do so. Do not be one of those cowering in their closets when the men in black come knocking. Do not go quietly into that dark night. After all, you may help save humanity.
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