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Rising Tide (Theme of the Flood)

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April 4 2017

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So in a rare first for me, I am doing a "music video" for wrestling music. I have been a huge fan of pro wrestling in general, since my friend Brandon first got me into the WWF back in 1996 or so. When I first really saw The Undertaker, who became my favorite wrestler, I was hooked from them on. To be fair, the so-called "Attitude Era" was not as amazing as so many seem to remember, as while it did have it's highlights (including some of Undertaker's best moments), it also had a LOT of filler and pointless crap. But I stuck with it on through to the early 2000s "Aggression" era, and even beyond, to the early 2010s, the era of CM Punk and Bryan Danielson ("Daniel Bryan"). But it around then that I eventually stopped watching WWE regularly, and eventually stopped watching altogether several years ago. But in that same time span, around 2012/2013, I first got into Chikara, thanks in large part to seeing clips and matches here on Youtube. My first major exposure was when Corey and I decided to buy (post-event) the 2012 "King of Trios" shows, three nights of a wrestling mega-tournament that Chikara has done every year since 2007 (except 2013). Needless to say, this was the presentation and over-the-topness that WWE had long been missing. And it was my "flavor" of wrestling, so I had my new favorite promotion to watch. For a bit of back-story, Chikara, and it's founder/leader Mike Quackenbush, has always been about trying new ideas and taking risks. Probably the biggest such risk they took, was in mid-2013, when the company "shut down", due to an ongoing storyline where an evil corporation with nefarious secret aims at war and conquest, "owned" the company, and shut it down when their secrets were threatened to be revealed. So from mid-2013 to mid-2014, Chikara as an official entity was "dead", and it's roster was scattered to the proverbial "Four Winds", to many small "Wrestling Is" satellite promotions. During this downtime, they started running a series of videos called "Ashes of Chikara", and that was eventually edited together into a full-length film, which had many story elements covering the down time, with a group of wrestlers led by former villain Icarus, trying to resurrect the company. It was finally announced that on May 25th, 2014, the company was finally officially going to come back. But a new looming threat was also threatening to come and kill Chikara off again: a mysterious group called "The Flood". What The Flood was, at its core, was basically a "Legion of Doom" type of deal, a super-villain super-group, if you will. It included returning members of various past Chikara villains, such as the nefarious BDK, Sidney Bakabella's Wrecking Crew, The Colony: Xtreme Force, what remained of the ultra-violent Gekido faction, along with several new faces. Ring of Honor's (at the time) resident creep, Jimmy Jacobs, revealed himself to be the "herald" of this Flood mega-faction, but he also revealed that he was taking orders from a higher power himself. That power would finally turn up at "You Only Live Twice", the first official Chikara show in about a year, in the form of the enormous masked monster known only as "Deucalion". So this is the backdrop for this musical theme, which is officially known as Jimmy Jacob's entrance theme from that time, but it was also often used as The Flood's theme in general, which is what I consider it. It was a really great storyline, truly highlighting Chikara's nature as a "living comic book", and the entire 2014 season of Chikara revolved around the war between the Chikara roster, and the invading Flood army who was trying to destroy the company for good. I honestly feel like I was spoiled by really starting to watch full-time during this point, because it was pretty epic. So much so that while following seasons have had some really strong moments, it's hard to top how good the "Flood Era" was, at least to me. Chikara (along with Lucha Underground), are my go-to for wrestling these days. If I had one complaint about Chikara (aside from the occasional booking decisions I dislike), it would be that they are still relatively "small-time", even though they've existed since 2002. I would love to see them have even half the budget Lucha Underground does, for production value, a better regular arena, etc. A fan can dream, I guess. #chikara #wrestling #wwe #roh #tna #impact #luchaunderground #risingride #jimmyjacobs #music #wrestlingthemes #entrancetheme #flood #deucalion #2014 #epic #sinister If you've never heard of Chikara, but like wrestling, or like ridiculous stuff with heroes and villains, "supernatural" events, performance art and quality storytelling, then make sure to check them out! Chikara's Main Site: Chikara's Main Youtube Channel: And you can buy this and many other themes on iTunes, GooglePlay, and Amazon!

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