Thursday's Elon Musk Discussion (Robbo Max Smoken Mirrors)

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  • TheRedRogue reply Now that’s a laughable project. How is this going to revolutionize transport? How sending only one light vehicle every given amount of time will alleviate traffic jams or move more people than the underground? And, considering the scale of the project, how are they going to recover their initial investment? With gofundme? Also wouldn’t all vehicles in waiting worsen traffic jams? What if the in/out elevators are not available? Are they going to put a loop line or just send the vehicle to the nearest available one and make them drive to their destination? The project is certainly not suitable for public transport. The way I see it, the project may work for big companies that want to link their office branches together or to an airport or to their employees living quarters to ensure they are ready to serve in their working stations. But then again what is the cutting-edge part of the concept that they will need to hire Elon Musk for digging a tunnel?
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