Reaction To: HighImpactFlix "Death Sentences for Facebook/Twitter Users? The New Social Media"

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  • NewG0DontheBlock reply U R trash m8
  • tank7388 reply Your love for the flesh condemns you. Unless you believe that Jesus is Lord, you will perish friend.
  • [ – ] Nugzapuffin reply Do you understand the fact that this is a non religious country. Separation of church and state period. You can have your ignorant religion and god just keep it to yourself. It even says in the Bible not to gather and worship god it also says not to make objects in his image but yet you ignorant morons do. So how about you so called Christians start fallowing your own religious text before you try to make the rest of us fallow that bull crap!
  • Nojoke2017 reply You have to understand that, surely he would be put to death...might not be literal...maybe it means thats how intolerant society should be for blasphemy! Maybe we should remember that there were very few human's then. I feel that God has feelings VERY similar to ours...we are in "his" or "their" image. Maybe God is capable of being what. Thanks for vid and reading my point of view
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