Daily Monster X-026

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  • AnarchyofAdam reply I like how sometimes you bring up these deep questions in these short monster videos. I agree though. It is hard to outwardly express genuine happiness about something.
  • VidTuber reply @StefanBucher Right! I can get extremely happy, even to the point of tearing up, alone. Out in the world, totally different.
  • StefanBucher reply @AnarchyofAdam Sad that it's so, isn't it? I guess that's why I love going to the movie theater -- I get to feel stuff and express it under cover of darkness.
  • VidTuber reply Super deep. I can't actually recall the last time I did that but its been a while. Letting yourself express such genuine excitement and joy openly is extremely vulnerable and hard to do.
  • rroxyann reply My beautiful little furry baby of 13 years, Penny (may she rest in peace), looked that excited every time I came back home, even if I was gone for not more than 15 minutes. And even when she became blind, she ran right to me with that same kind of joy in her face.
  • StefanBucher reply @HauntedDark Yeah, me neither. Crazy, right? I think when I'm alone... then yes. Not that infrequently even. But with witnesses? "Yeah, no... pretty good. Didn't mind that. Sure." Kind of sad...
  • Slashscreen_entertainment reply Great video, but cut it a bit short. we were hangin' in uncomfortable silence for like 7 seconds.
  • IndigoBlack reply I just found your channel and I really love the artwork that you do in your videos! You're ink blots turn out really great and it's always really interesting to see artist make something out of a chaotic, randomly made form. As for your question, the last time I ran up to somebody really fast like that was when I got done with my first year of university. I got to see my best friend after so long since we weren't able to live near each other. In the state that we live in she and I live on opposite sides of the area because of the universities we picked to attend. We still talk on the phone and skype and we still have a lot of fun, though it's always great to hang out in person!
  • RubyBlack reply Your Drawings are so whaky and amazing omg <3
  • [ – ] StefanBucher reply @rroxyann Awh! That's so sweet! I think the Monsters have some canine DNA. :^)
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