#RegressiveNews: Normalizing the Immoral

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  • JadeJicama reply Hey now, I like pineapple on pizza.
  • nekollx reply Down with Segregation, give those black people their balck only safe space, for diversity!
  • Hateradetrollingsworth reply In about 25 years or so. Public nudity will be a social norm. Same with outdoor sex. It too, will be considered a norm. We're all perverted in nature. So... Embrace the weird...
  • RomWatt reply You can do whatever you want with your own body, at least pretty much.
  • blindfire reply Games like dodge ball and hockey are great for building physical strength and endurance, and they aren't sexualizing at all. If you are against competitive sports for some reason there are plenty of aerobics routines that are not sexual you can use for children's fitness. That is a piss poor excuse they offered.
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