Instagram has definitely become a cesspool of narcissistic assclowns

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  • clarity133 reply I try to follow people who post original pics and often unfollow those who post too much or just throw another photo of themselves every day. Wish you could unfollow someone with one-click, though.
  • OrionKing reply Agreed :) Great video!!!
  • frankblackcrow reply Everything that used to be for social connection to other people has now become an ego trip or it's full of commercial content, and or used as if it's for marketing and for anything else concerning the corporate sector,, to use people for without consent. And that a lot of it is to get people used to giving away their privacy, so as when the authorities think they then have legal way to do as they wish with personal information,, even if they say they do it under any form of privacy act/law, that then they tell you they have a right to be cause somewhere you signed up for it,, because you have an account that says your privacy is no longer your own because you gave it away on the internet. Even if you don't have a lawyer representing you as that you should when ever you sign anything on the internet,, as all is virtual, nothing is an actual document written on paper,, save the trees, but never save yourself.
  • cryptodigitator reply Best title I’ve seen all day
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