Trump has Secret Tapes of FBI Director James Comey

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  • John-Goras reply I heard about the Comey/Howdy Doody fetish tapes too. Please talk about the Seth Rich stuff too. What are they going to do? Do like they did Hannity? Have your advertisers blacklist you? LOL. Anyhoo, New Ghost Tank. Dig. It's short and sweet, this one.
  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply The elite setup blackmail on anyone and everyone who is seen as a potential threat to their power. They don't mess around. It's a huge pit of intrigue, of threats and counter threats. Just picture mafia bosses warring with each other, and keeping their own people in line. They always play to win, no matter the cost. They gain and hold their power as ruthlessly as is required. It sounds psychopathic. It is.
  • SonicMcPatriotic reply It is possible that the tapes that Trump was talking about are Pedo-island tapes of Comey dressing his child victims as Howdy Doody. Some people say that pedos there were secretly filmed for black mail so they would keep their mouths shut about the island. It will be interesting to learn what is on those tapes. If nothing else, it is possible that Comey covered up pizzagate to protect Hillary and others.
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