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  • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep reply HELLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HUMAN!!! Hello ZENGAMES!! Thank you for this video!!! Very inspiring you know?!?! I think that as human and sheep, there are many people in society that just follow and do what they 'think they are supposed to do'. They ignore the voice in their hearts calling them to do what they want to do. For many, that voice becomes silenced you know? Like Silence of the Lambs --- only this one is EXISTENTIAL SILENCE, where they don't follow their calling and just go by the rules all day cause they are 'supposed' to! It is nice to hear a human give tips on how to follow one's calling. We only have ONE LIFE and then we are gone from this Earth you know? So we only have one shot to chase our dreams, our calling, and find our place in this beautiful world. It is better to try, fail, and keep trying and LIVE LIFE to the voice in our hearts.... then to never try, never fail, and never know what it feels like to truly be AT ONE WITH WHO WE ARE!! Thanks for this video human...more!!! Glad I followed your comment to find your channel!
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