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    What will you get for 1$ subscription! Well, I will visit your content every day and become active on your channel to start with! I will engage with you and find ways to collab with you! If I have business contacts I'll share them with you! If you are not a creator I will find other ways to do something for you! ------------------------------------------ Why do I need hard cash to be frankly... well I'm recording my content with a Samsung smartphone J5..., I use like 2nd hand lamps to make the videos lighter... do I have to explain more? Lol... subscribers get to chose with me which gear I buy, it's their money after all! ------------------------------------------------------------------- In other words, I'll do anything to make you happier, that's what I'll spend the subscription money on! Everything will go back in making it a better experience for you! Subscribe now! If you want to cancel it next month, no problem, I totally understand, it's my job to keep you happy with the content! Cheers and thanks!

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