Stop The Fearporn About Yellowstone Volcano Erupting!

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  • rebeccatco reply The government isn't hiding anything about this eruption. The twist here is that the eruption won't happen another 80,000 - 100,000 years based on the cycles of the eruption. AND, everyone knows this is an active volcano! And Tambora happened in 1815, and humanity didn't go extinct.
  • Star_Wars6collector reply and those numbers might be a lot higher since over 80,000 vanished in an instant in the Japan tsunami and who know how many people are dying from the DU cancers since 2011 because of the nuclear continuous melt down of the DU nuclear fuel rods that are melting into the earth, so all that nuclear steam and waste is dumped into the oceans as well as carried in the winds,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply or over 600,000 people died in tsunamis and 250,000 just in Hattie died in one earthquake, and many more people have died in flooding and earthquakes because of the slow Polar Shift that is underway, so having updates on clear places that have become more active is science and necessary, and people seem to forget how many people are dying every day from food starvation world wide,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply that's not fear porn, think about Pompeii and the last Polar Shift all those people died in an instant and the whole city was buried,
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