Why I Left Many Social Media? Joy Timmons

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  • RAGEfit reply YES, that's my problem with social media. Negative douchebags... Stay in places like Vidme. Much more uplifting and positive
  • [ – ] OralRobots reply It's ridiculous for people over a certain age to be on social media. Those of us who grew up before the Internet had real social skills and were comfortable interacting with a wide variety of people in real life. We didn't need computers to have a rewarding social life. There was no need for parents to join websites that their kids were using, just to try and be hip and trendy. It's unbecoming for older people to try to relive their youth by doing what the kids are doing. The young people today have no social skills at all and very little life experience due to being on the computer or cell phone all the time. Social media is worthless to everyone except the companies that profit from it.
    • joytimmons parent reply You are right because there is no point of having social media. We need end social media forever because we do not need social media in the first place. We really do not need it and we can do fine without social media.
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