The Occult, Video 81: Orgone, Cloud Busting, Morgellons, Other Hoaxes

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  • Zhisheng reply I make no testimony here about the EFFECTS of orgone -- only about the phenomena on which it is based, and how, when properly constructed, it magnifies and concentrates that phenomena. The phenomena referred to here is what the oriental ancients referred to as qi, which is loosely divided into two extremes (the yang and the yin) and which can either be static or dynamic. It is NOT energy, but is influenced by electromagnetic phenomena. It occurs in a certain way in all living plants and animals, but also occurs in spiritual entities which do not have a physical presence, which seems to be the principal reason qi has been connected in the past to the occult. Orgone, in the sense of Video 81, has three components: (1) a component which separates neutral qi into a pole with yin qi on one end and yang qi on the other; (2) a component which seemingly reflects and concentrates the qi emanating from the ends of the pole and (3) a matrix in which the activity just described takes place. T...morehe component (1) is normally a quartz crystal but sometimes a small strong magnet. These are not the only possibilities, but they are the most common. The ability of a quartz crystal to be a polarizing agent will break down under continued or severe stress. The component (2) is most commonly curved metal shavings; either steel or aluminum. Copper is sometimes used, but is generally less effective. The component (3) is most often resin, as in "fiber glass resin", but wax may also be used -- in particular bees wax -- or pine tree resin, and some other substances work as well. A single device as described above will magnify the action of the crystal or magnet, but to obtain a strong focusing and dynamic action seems to require six of them arranged in a circle, the diameter of which depends on each of the constituent components. I cannot hope, nor do I here attempt to remove Styxhexenhammer's scepticism on the subject. I can only try to present with some precision my observation of what is actually going on. I am pleased that there is now a venue for making comments without creating a YouTube presence.
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