YouTube State of Flux: The Future of Content Creation

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  • [ – ] The_Average_Kid reply I'm hoping that vidme continues to support free speech, especially when politics are concerned. I don't want another YouTube witchhunt.
  • [ – ] HotWithoutABuzz reply YouTube turning into TrashTube now
  • [ – ] Politics_N_Games reply YouTube isn't about the money. They have a greater agenda.
  • [ – ] ChronosChris reply Vid.Me and We need to make more people aware of these sites.
  • [ – ] Focus_Entertainment reply Came here after watching your video yesterday. Thanks for letting me know about Vidme man I'm loving it here!
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply Its crazy just what YouTube is doing lately, at some point I stopped watching TV because of the ads and just how politically correct nearly everything was trying to be and it almost feels like they're trying to drag it onto the internet so it doesn't lose relevance as more people cut off cable subscriptions. Also Minds looks interesting, I might actually check it out later.
  • [ – ] DarkQuark reply This is just a way to turn over YouTube to the old media. YouTube will be no different than a cable box. They want creators gone. They make more money being a gatekeeper for the media than a bridge to it.
  • ModernCaveman reply As a small channel has been great and I consider my main site and YT my secondary.
  • [ – ] top10archives reply It's becoming a bloody mess. Can't profit off of controversial topics, but those are the ones people tend to gravitate towards.
    • [ – ] wolfalexzemla parent reply be interesting to see how that plays out
      • [ – ] top10archives parent reply Hoping at some point they see that they're biggest creators are going to jump ship, but fear that they've secured their own big talent to fix any losses they may feel.
        • wolfalexzemla parent reply in the end they will just have tv 2.0 which people can watch on cable /sat OR internet. Two platforms with no one watching, be hard to support even with their money
    • wolfalexzemla parent reply depends on the controversy as to the exposure msm wants to give it. a kardasian butt gets bigger now thats a huge story. white genocide not so much
  • [ – ] MuscleProfessor reply I don't get how youtube wouldn't stand by their creators, thank god we have vid me.
  • DGTLONE reply Great informative video bro I just joined the site and feels pretty friendly. Hope YouTube straightens all this out but it's not looking good. Peace DGTLONE
  • [ – ] THEREDCAP reply Hey dave. Long time fan, just signed up for, but i'm still using youtube because my favorite content creators are uploading there and there only. Once everyone migrates here, I'll use it more often. For now, ill use it exclusively for this "channel" (account)
    • [ – ] THEREDCAP parent reply Also, adapting to the new layout (not being able to browse & watch at the same time, not being able to edit comments, etc.) Is gonna be a pain in the dick...
      • Tycen parent reply Its new im sure theyll keep updating the site with improvements, check out my vids if u want to watch some on this site!
    • Soulofall parent reply Updates will come and things like editing comments will be added. Just a month ago there wasn't a reply button. So check the site out every once in a while and watch a few videos on it to support it.
  • JaitheRai reply The problem was that YT did NOT stand by their creators, and while instead of ignoring the WSJ they lobbied to them. This created a snowball effect giving us what we have now on YT. YT is becoming worse and worse. I hope they are able to fix this, but I doubt it.
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply Join me in the hot train! :P Great video dude. it's crazy that there are people who believe that the holocaust didn't happen. It's great that you have good words for Vidme. However can someone explain me the difference between and which is better to start using?
  • RandomRyan reply I get that it's difficult to manage a huge website such as YouTube, but if it wanted to make its platform better, why not weed out those problematic drama channels that are the reasons why advertisers boycott it in the first place? They may not be the sole reason why the boycott is taking place (in fact, I KNOW there's other things I'm not aware of that caused this boycott), but from my experience, they're definitely one of the biggest reasons why.
  • [ – ] TheCastle reply NEEDS better support for Steemit.
    • nodetact parent reply Like... I just don't even get the Reddit integrated button inside of videos. It's like Steemit isn't considered the forum website/alternative social media to them. Oh well then.
  • [ – ] JokerJawz reply I hope Youtube does go down the toilet in the next few years, it will teach them a harsh lesson.
  • wolfalexzemla reply It wont be very long before vidme and minds is bought out by oogle and eric schit.
  • Evil_Laughter01 reply Yup one of the reasons I'm startet getting here, just to be sure there's a places my subscribers can go to, if YouTube do not like me anymore. But I would say I'm not so worried that they will..... For now, since my content is really guides, reviews of a single game. But better get my butt in gear and make a video here to say hello xD Like the community here, I see a lot of different users I would NEVER find on YouTube recommendations. I'll gladly support the new platforms that are coming, that also gives users different ways of supporting there favorit creators.
  • JackDinn reply Na FTW
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