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  • 7654321 reply Six videos made by the same people are available at:
  • Netlace reply I pray someone comes forward. Not everyone in the school was in on this so maybe there will be one who looks into this. I feel this will slow down the abuse for a time as they are now scared of being caught. Please everyone keep this open and exposed. Someone with money should hire a PI to watch the church's and names involved. I think the corruption here is vast and spreads deep. I am just sick over this and feel 100% sure the kids are telling the truth. God be with them and all of is. The negative posters either have no children, morals or perhaps involved somehow...
  • 7654321 reply Hi BuddhasGirl - I'm not Sabine, although I will draw her attention to your question.
  • BuddhasGirl reply Hi Sabine, I was just wondering how the children knew who social services, police, cafcass were. Did they have some earlier dealings with them or were they introduced at the school? Thanks.
  • shillbuster reply here, we find quite obviously a paid stooge, I agree with deeplysuspicious, just have a look on the internet or utube, …………….a shallow attempt to deflect attention from the real truth In-Deed!! Nice Try :)
  • deeplysuspicious reply Some seem to have a lot invested in saying this is a hoax.... Regardless of peoples political persuasions or beliefs i advise those people to go back to the children's videos and undeniably they are credible. Then take the time to watch Gabriel's forced 'retraction' .... seriously? I would be using this video as evidence he was telling the truth as no matter how hard the pressure is applied he DOES NOT retract. I really would love to think this was some kind of sick made up hoax but to anyone with an ounce of interest in justice for children the dots do not connect up to support this! To all non believers i say 'Go back to sleep' there's nothing to see here unless of course you are actively trying to cover this up.
  • LucyLastick reply Just to be clear, it's sabine who has fled the UK for breach of UK law, not Belinda, who is presumably at her house, a mere 15 minutes walk from the school in question.
  • LucyLastick reply I thought this was some kind of sick joke, but jeeezass, i"ve looked into in on the internet and you people, you deranged mad people, are for real! BLATANTLY a whole of a suburb of London, including cops, social services, teachers, parents, fast food workers, cobblers etc in fact everyone in the area apart from Sabine McNeill (who lives just down the road -Sabine we'll leave it at 21A - although YOU were quite happy to publish the addresses of a load of random people- but then again that's why you are going to jail) ARE NOT killing 90 babies a month, eating them and then parading around in shoes made from their skin, whilst simultaneously engaging in carnal wrongness with many many children. To anyone out there whose brain may have been having a bit of a moment, and for which you are forgiven,this is the situation: 1. Russian woman with issues has 2 children and splits from husband. 2. She shacks up with criminal. 3. They send children to a good school in Hampstead, London. 3. Sc...morehool and neighbours report mother and boyfriend to to social services for abuse. 4. (At this point I reflect, and it really upsets me about what those poor children have gone through) Stuff goes on between mother and boyfriend in relation to kids as there is an ongoing custody battle and kids are told things, shown things and made to say things to video in a bizarre attempt to besmirch the father and everyone else who has had contact with the childrent. 5. Vulnerable and confused mother sacks legal counsel, after legal counsel. 6. A bunch of conspiracy theorist old lady loonies led by Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie latch on to the mother (see BM's view on 9/11) with no understanding of the UK law they pursue their own political agenda at the expense of the vulnerable Russian mother.7. They leak the videos which are plainly nonsense, destroying the children's lives by identifying them and extinguishing any chance of the mother ever having custody of her children again as she is by default complicit, and a written statement listing many many people along with their full contact details as being part of a cult. 8. BM and presumably the mother flee the UK because their conduct is criminal , and as a result the mother has no rep in court ( which I think is wrong and is clearly a result of the advice of old lady loonies- who she should sue) and that is where we are. To the mother, from one woman to another if you are out there, get a good lawyer, drop the bad boyfriend (unless you have already - in fact just stay away from all men for a while) face the music in the UK _ make it clear it was the loony old ladies that did this, and then you can slowly start to build your relationship again with your children via the courts. And to the mother, I wish you all the best, you have been exploited by idiots, and by bad men, the most important thing is to re-connect with your kids, it may take time but I hope it happens.
  • LucyLastick reply Ha - it's fat Keith from the Office. Is this the only job you can get now? doing voiceovers for conspiracy vids? Listen, there's this island off Scotland with the same thing that burns people in a Wicker Man,- I've seen a film about it- get the producer to knock up a vid about that - you do the voiceover and bang as many Scotch Eggs as you can eat. For about a week I suppose.
  • rosecrux reply I contacted Scotland yard by telephone when this broke, I had stumbled across very disturbing files and video clips that I told them (Scotland yard) needed tracing to the IP address I had. I pushed and pushed for help, for an investigation by serious crime video unit.... Surely one existed that should be contacted?? But no the call handler wanted nothing of it, so taking a chance I hung up when he asked me for my details! I knew he had my mobile no and I knew the police have my number and address on file. 10mi later a had a constable at my door. Not one trained in computing, not one trained in this sort of subject, he eventually left with only the IP address of ONE of the GERMAN sites breaking the story.....that's where my involvement with authoroties ENDED. I have been pushing sepetsyely online for justice, some show of law, but no, NOTHING. IT'S DIFFICULT NOWADAYS NOT TO JUST WISH A MAJOR DISASTER THAT WOULD CULL BILLIONS OF HUMANS/ WITH THOSE HIDING BEHIND THOSE WE INTRUST OUR S...moreAFETY IN. THE CORRUPT, POLITICIAND, LAW, AND COURTS IF THERE IS ANYTHING I CAN DO CONTACT ME
  • NorseKode555 reply very informative and interesting...even john212 comment! curiouser and curiouser...Britain is very corrupt and the Hampstead case is just the tip of a huge sordid filthy and dangerous perverted iceberg...bring on the global warming and hope it floods.
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