Are You a Liberal - And the survey says...

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  • [ – ] KennKong reply Who the heck knows what the authors of this survey think liberalism is? In antebellum times, the word liberal meant approximately what conservative does today. Most conservatives today call anyone to the left of themselves liberals, self-identified liberals call anyone to the left of themselves socialists, and self-identified progressives try to pretend they're not marxist. Have you found many such surveys which are biased toward conservatism? (I haven't). It might be instructive to compare the loaded answers on the same subject between surveys, to show the mechanism of how surveys are used to manipulate the audience, rather than actually measure it.
  • [ – ] Casca reply Well, here we are full circle, back to you being, LIKE I SAID, a bit of a totalitarian. And how the F did you get the impression im from europe, and am pround of the shit show over there
    • Bitchspot parent reply Please quote where I said anything with regards to you being from Europe? You're reading things that simply do not exist.
  • [ – ] Casca reply Sorry to say, but listening to YOUR answers, yes you may not be the complete libtard this questionaire wants you to be, but you ARE a bit of a totalitarian, but not that surprising with the education people get these days
    • [ – ] Bitchspot parent reply Totalitarian in what way?
      • [ – ] Casca parent reply Are you not American?
        • [ – ] Bitchspot parent reply Yes. That is not an answer.
          • [ – ] Casca parent reply Well, become a student of the constitution, and the federalist papers... I dont recall the one, or two answers you gave now that made me raise an eyebrow, but read my friend. I asked if you are American because whats considered right in europe is totally left here...
            • Bitchspot parent reply I've given my definition of what a conservative is many times, especially over on YouTube. But I've read them, thanks. What I think you are talking about is a libertarian, which I absolutely am not. And Europe is a disaster, so that's not something to be proud of.
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