#LetsPlayTogether trailer: >The Fall with @NathanSifuGaming

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  • [ – ] NathanSifuGaming reply Can't wait!
  • [ – ] DomsPlaylist reply Music Channels on vidme only get verified if they only upload Non Copyright music. So there is like 1000 no copy right music Channels all uploading and doing the same thing on vidme. I don't wanna be like that. I want to be different. And I won't change My Content to meet some verification Requirements. I do have a chance to get verified though. I just need a large fan base And ultimately more views per video. One of my projects in the works is to Make a Coalition of VidMe Channels that will help each other gain followers , get verified and help out when Being attacked. Basically a Union. I have some Channels already signed up. I just need more Channels of all sizes.
    • [ – ] CapnMintbeard parent reply Cool, I should already be on that list.
      • [ – ] DomsPlaylist parent reply Yes you are on the list and still part of the group. As soon as we get enough "active" members we can start voting for names and Executives. Set up Rules and regulations then start working on helping each other. It would be awesome if you get the word and add more members!
        • [ – ] CapnMintbeard parent reply It would be helpful if there was a group name and general mission statement I could tell people.
          • DomsPlaylist parent reply VidMe Community Coalition (VCC)will do fine for now and the overall mission is to help it's members Grow, get verified, produce better content, and create a better community on VidMe. VCC will also protect and defend its members when they are under attack and provide resources to help it's members.
  • [ – ] DomsPlaylist reply You're back!
    • [ – ] CapnMintbeard parent reply What's up man? Haven't seen you lately.
      • [ – ] DomsPlaylist parent reply I reached 50+ followers a couple weeks ago. And I have projects in the works! I also subscribed to you
        • CapnMintbeard parent reply Congratulations! I saw that you subscribed! Like I promised, I have your name at the end of my videos in the "Vidme Subscriber Shoutout" box. Also congrats on the 50+, are you verified too then?
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