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  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply I don't have psoriasis but I do have a skin thing that makes me look like a gecko. Raised red bumps. Had them since I was born. I used to be very self conscious about them.. well, I still am but not as much. When I was 7 a kid came up to me, grabbed and looked at my arm, and shouted that I had chicken skin. I was so embarrassed that until high school I never wore short sleeve shirts or shorts. I did find someone in school once that had the same thing but he was also so embarrassed that he didn't even want to acknowledge them. I'm in my 30s now and I'll wear shorts sometimes and short sleeve shirts but I don't like being touched.
    • [ – ] HypoTube parent reply Skin related insecurities especially with genetic issues that you can't control are fucked man. The fact is... kids with their lack of knowledge/information at such a young age can be dicks man. Progress over getting over those things can be slow, wear whatever the fuck you want. I'm sure even with the touching you can work on your own mental state and it'll get better. The reality is psoriasis and your "gecko skin" as you describe are simply mutations among the "normal" human genome. If anything we are steps in the evolutionary process or abnormalities that may/may not be improvements. We're the closest thing to X-Men. lol That nerd thought aside I hope shit gets better man, humans can be little shits but no point in letting it get under your "skin" hehe...hehe.. yeah I'll stop. lol Best of luck dude, hope all is well, hope to see you around.
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