How To Identify Stolen Content

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  • [ – ] GaryTurbo reply True that, I saw a channel in here last week with bootleg movies (two are still in theaters) I flagged the movies but after reading the flagging guidelines I didn't want to get banned so I left it alone
    • InternetUnwind parent reply I received a DM from a member of the staff a few days ago stating you can click the copyright complaint button and it takes you to a new page where you can also claim if it is yours or not. So you can flag it that way and just not do what shows up on the second screen. I personally usually flag it like that then email the public Vidme email with the channel and link to the video with a brief explanation of why I think it is stolen. Glad to see someone else in the community trying to help :)
  • [ – ] AsKaGangsta reply I get what your saying but videos get stolen everyday / all day on youtube. There is also no way to report someone elses copyright on there. That doesn't mean that vidme should not have something like you said. It would be great to be able to report someone for impersonating/stealing content. I've had my content stolen on youtube almost every day. It's a real pain in the ass lol. I don't mind people complaining/ making drama about important stuff on vidme to get their attention, but not complain about issues that have been fixed already on the site.
    • InternetUnwind parent reply Thanks man, i know content theft is rampamt on YT but that is one of the reasons the jacked up content id system there was built. That is one thing ive seen people here dont want at all is an id system. My thought is if we get the community more active in being skeptical when something is off and flag it for review maybe we could hold off that system being built here a bit longer. As for drama i hate it when i see people holding old issues against a company, even on youtube for the most part. I saw a video early yesterday that this was partially a response to. Essentially saying you should never make videos about problems on vidme or in the community because it starts drama. But its easy for a single creators email to get lost the shuffle. At least making the video spreads awareness in the comunity about things like this.
  • InternetUnwind reply In the interest of transparency, I did also email and DM these channels and videos to Vidme. I also did get responses within 24 hours, but I know that is not going to be the case all the time. Not every single channel or video need a video calling it out, but there are times that the community should know to be wary of content they are seeing.
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